A quick easy way to create flash on the MAC

by djsharpe on July 9, 2011

So I decided to write a quick tutorial on a real easy way to create flash on the Mac since I’ve been tasked to create a bunch of flash files for work’s new web site. Here’s the steps I used to create it:

1. I took all the needed screen shots and numbered them in the order I would use them.

2. After getting all my screen shots in order I opened up iMovie and imported my screen shots in the order I want them. Here I can edit them to my liking and finalize them when I’m done.

3. Finally export them as a movie file. Next I use Wondershare Video Converter to convert my video to a flash file. I import the video file into Wondershare and export the video as a flash file and thats it. I have now created a flash file.

So this is how I created the flash files for my works new website. The whole process was pretty painless except for the time it took to create all the screen shots. All in all the project so far is turning out great. I will update this if I change my process of what I am currently doing.

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