Apple releases iOS 7 beta 5

by thedj on August 10, 2013

I took the plunge to iOS 7 with beta 4 about a week and half ago and at first I was skeptical and didn’t think I was going to like it. As soon as I got it loaded I was completely disappointed and upset that I let go of my jailbreak. Now a couple weeks later and the release of beta 5 I have changed my mind. The UI has now grown on me and is starting to come alive however I still feel the overall hardware does not match the feel of the UI. I’m betting that Apple is going to release a new phone in September that will bring together the overall appearance and make the iPhone shine the way it always has in the past.

With that being said here’s a list of some the changes in iOS 7 beta 5 that I like and a few I dislike.

Things I like:

  • Install screen is now the same color as your phone (white or black)
  • System wide performance improvements
  • Icons in settings app have been completely redesigned
  • New system wide Twitter icon
  • Redesigned “power off” slider
  • Option to disable Control Center within apps
  • Improved animation across entire OS
  • The transparency UI across the entire OS
  • App Store apps now show a + for universal apps
  • ¬†Improved camera across from the lock screen
  • My iPhone 4s now has a panoramic camera built-in
  • Tweaked options in Camera app now feel smoother
  • You can now shoot a picture with the up and down volume buttons (use to be up only)

Things I’m not liking so far:

  • Message conversations only shows the first name (this can be changed thankfully in Mail, Contacts, Calendar settings)
  • Calendar app, still not a fan even with the changes
  • In Mail app, when selecting emails, Trash and Mark labels are flipped (I’m hoping this was just an evil joke and will be corrected, one of the rules of redesign she always be don’t mess with a users hard coded workflow)
  • New Yahoo! branding in Notification center for Stocks and Weather

Have you tried any of the iOS 7 betas? What were your thoughts? Leave a comment and let me know.

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