BlackBerry Twitter Clients To Try While UberTwitter Is Suspended…

by djsharpe on February 18, 2011

This is a quick run down of some Blackberry clients to try while Ubertwitter is suspended….

And a special thanks to Rimarkable for the info:

  1. Twitter for BlackBerry — This is the official BlackBerry Twitter client and I recommend installing it no matter what third party Twitter client you use.  It can definitely get you by in times like these.
  2. SocialScope — I believe that SocialScope is in infinite closed beta, but, if you can get an invite, you may never even go back to UberTwitter.
  3. Seesmic for BlackBerry — We’ve only talked about Seesmic for BlackBerry a few times, but, Mac users seem to swear by it.
  4. HootSuite for BlackBerry — HootSuite is kind of cool because, like SocialScope, it connects to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  5. TweetGenius — Haven’t really heard anything bad about TweetGenius other than it cost $8.
  6. TwiXtreme –  We talked about TwiXtreme when it first came out, but, not since.  Maybe we should go back and check it out again.
  7. OpeanBeak — I honestly haven’t messed around with OpeanBeak since they changed the name from TwitterBerry.

I personally I’ve not tried all these YET, but I will;) Hope the suggestions help you at this time of need?


You can find the new Ubertwitter here with all the features you’ve come to expect:

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