Crystal Method Live @ The Edge 96′

by thedj on September 3, 2012

Here’s the Crystal Method performing live at a party I put together on March 16, 1996 at the Edge in Ft. Lauderdale. The back story is this, I had just met Steven and Justin who were running the label City of Angels in Los Angeles and they asked me if I wanted to have the Method perform live during the Winter Music Conference. So I decide to throw my first Winter Music¬†Conference party and call it “Planet E”. I¬†book the Crystal Method live along with Simply Jeff, DJ Icey, Voodoo, the Liquid Method and myself. The party is a success which enables me to throw more parties and it’s also the connection that opened the door for me to be offered the first Uberzone show in the world since Q had just signed with the City of Angels. I also ended up having Uberzone back again for “The Return to Planet E”.

One of the things that most people don’t know is that Steven and Justin and the label City of Angels had a lot to do with helping me get Crystal Method & Uberzone for the Planet E parties. Both Planet parties had multiple City of Angels artists including Simply Jeff & Taylor. The Planet parties were by far some of the biggest parties at the Edge during my time.

I figured after all this time why not post a video from back then since a lot of people seem to be on the Reunion bandwagon as of late. The funny thing is I don’t mind all these Reunions, It was a great time for all. Don’t get me wrong though, I do have a few gripes. That being said most of these parties have almost nobody from the orignal Ft. Lauderdale Edge crew and every party seems like the DJ’s are just playing one of my Edge mixes over and over again. The reunion now tends to be all about the breaks from back then but Bruce Wilcox wasn’t a big fan of breaks. In reality I was the one blamed for playing too many breaks. Lastly, what happened to the lights? Did they forget that we had one of the sickest light shows during that time? Intellabeams, Trackspots, 4 emulators swinging and the white punch lights!

This is why it will never be a true Ft. Lauderdale Edge Reunion. A true Ft. Lauderdale Edge Reunion could never happen unless myself, Neal, Dru & Jaysen all got together for one last time and threw a party in the building now called Revolution Live and I don’t see that happening.

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