Death of the Technic 1200 & 1210’s??

by djsharpe on November 27, 2009

So, you might have seen the news around the internets that Panasonic (The manufacturer of Technic Turntables) is ending production on the 1200 & 1210’s in February 2010.

My question is WHY?

I understand and realize lots of DJ’s have went “Digital” but seriously…. a real DJ uses every piece of arsenal they have and can find to enhance their performance/music/art. I personally support all the new digital equipment/software coming out and the ability to manipulate sounds on the fly, but I do NOT see them replacing my beloved 1200’s. I see the new breed of digital DJ software as additions to what I currently use. I prefer to incorporate new technology into my current setup to make me a stronger DJ and in return give the crowd a greater experience.

Don’t get me wrong… I understand the impact that Ableton Live has made with some DJ’s & especially Live acts, but why not add all this new technology along with your tables? It seems to me if you take away the tables (or CDJs), you are not really DJ’ing anymore. Anyone can auto mix using the muiltitude of DIY DJ software now available. A real DJ learned on vinyl.

I’ve read the press release about the partnership between Ableton & Serato. So what does that mean for Serato? Serato is controlled thru timecoded records or CD’s. Does this mean we are have to all start using CD’s?? What about the DMC Championships?

I am not sure how true or false this is I just know there’s more and more talk of it and it’s coming basically from down under. Let’s hope these rumors are false. My tone arms are crossed. I hope to update when more information is released.

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