All your Facebook are belong to us or Mark?

by djsharpe on March 1, 2011


So, if you haven’t heard yet Facebook has announced in a letter to Congress¬†that they’ll be going forward with plans to give third parties access to your info, specifically, your phone numbers and home addresses. However,¬†Facebook continues to say that they’ll let users decide what personal info is available to the public via — you guessed it — privacy settings.

They have not yet announced how or when this will happen but via Yahoo:

“We have not yet decided when or in what manner we will redeploy the permission for mobile numbers and addresses,” the letter states. “We are evaluating whether and how we can increase the visibility of applications’ request for permission to access user contact information. We are also considering whether additional user education would be helpful.”

This is a warning…. Be prepared again! And as always keep an eye on your privacy settings.

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