Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

by djsharpe on December 29, 2011

So I just got a Galaxy Tab 8.9 with Honeycomb 3.2 pre-installed and I really like the OS except for the bloatware that seems to eat up the battery faster than I’d like. So I decided to go root and get rid of the bloatware myself and tweak a few things to my liking. Here’s the steps:

1. Download and Install the Samsung Drivers for your device. Install Kies, or the latest mobile drivers.
2. Download Da_G’s modded kernel…-kernel-v2.tar
2. Download Odin 1.85
3. Open Odin 1.85 as administrator
4. Place the modded kernel .tar file in the PDA slot. (Make sure you do not have any boxes in the options panel checked besides the ones that were checked when opening the program – should only be auto reboot and f.reset time)
5. Place the tablet in download mode. Hold vol up + vol down and hold power until the device powers on into download mode. Hit volume up to proceed after the warning screen
6. Plug the tablet into the computer on a main usb slot and it will be detected by Odin in one of the ID:COM slots (will appear as yellow)
7. Hit Start – the modded kernel should will be flashed to the tablet. Tablet will restart.
8. Go into market and download the Superuser App.

Optional – you can flash the stock kernel back using steps 3-7 above.…r-sgh-i957.tar

Changes in Da_G’s Kernel

Originally Posted by Da_G
Changes in this kernel:
ADB Insecure (gives you # root prompt at adb instead of $)
su, busybox added to ramdisk
script to install busybox and su at boot-up
init.d support for running init.d scripts at bootup
stock android bootanimation (so you can run custom boot animations)

Credit goes to:
All the developers at XDA for the resources.

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