How to make your Google+ URL shorter and Easy to Share

by djsharpe on July 13, 2011

Here’s an innovative site piggy backing on the success of Google+.  For those of you that are already users, you will know that your user ID is not a simple one to remember. It is a twenty one digit number that identifies who you are. Although this is great for security, it can sometimes make locating a friend a bit of a chore. has stepped in to help give you that custom URL we all so desire.

They offer a very simple yet almost necessary service. Navigate your browser to and type in the user name or ‘nick’ you wish to go by then add your G+ ID number and hit create. To find your Google+ ID number simply click on your ‘profile’ circle at the top of your account. They already have a ton of people who have already started doing this so you might want to jump in there and get your preferred nickname before someone else does.







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