Can LiveProfile be the ultimate cross platform messenger with a little more work?

by djsharpe on May 24, 2011

Can the cross-platform LiveProfile take the place of the once dominant blackberry messenger? It states on their webpage thats it’s “the blazing fast, 100% free, and easy to use smartphone messenger for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry”. I must admit it has some great features including some of the ones that I came to appreciate using the blackberry messenger along with a good looking user interface.

However, The major flaw I see is that it doesn’t integrate with all the popular messaging clients. So it’s similar to the BB messenger where you can only communicate with other BB users but this is a cross-platform app so in theory I think it should integrate with all the major messaging clients making it the end all be all in IM clients. But before you tell me how there are so many other options that integrate with the majority of the messaging clients just remember… There STILL is not one that does them all! Once that happens I will be a happy camper. As for now I will stick with Skype for work & Seesmic as my¬†Twitter client.

Feel free to leave a comment with what mobile messaging clients you are using.

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