Making The Prodigy’s Classic Voodoo People

by djsharpe on March 6, 2010

Up to late on a Friday night I come across another how to video by the one and only Jim Pavloff. If you recall I wrote previously about the making of Smack my Bitch up Jim made using only Ableton Live. Here Jim does the same thing only shows us the inner workings and samples used for the classic Voodoo People by the Prodigy. If you recall this song was also featured in the movie Hackers which happens to be a favorite movie of mine.

I remember first hearing this song and knowing it was destined to be a classic. Not just because it was Liam Howlett and the Prodigy crew but because it was just a different sound that nobody at the time was doing. After watching this video it reminded me  of just how groundbreaking this track was. Enjoy!

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