Mobile Standards for the Android and other Mobile Devices

by djsharpe on April 27, 2011

Since I recently got around to rooting my new Droid and honestly I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. I’m proud to say that I’m now one of those annoying guys who wont stop playing with his phone. So be it. I’m a techie and I’ve come to grips with it. Though if you see me walking around with one of those obnoxious little blue tooth head sets stuck in my ear you have my permission to punch me square in the face.

All nonsense aside I’ve really started embracing the mobile culture which means embracing mobile design standards. If you’re using WordPress it takes a lot of the work out of setting all the necessary css settings for different phone types.

I’m currently experimenting with WordPress Mobile Pack and WPtouch and am happy to announce that you can now access with your favorite mobile device. Look for more enhancements in the days to come.

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