Foursquare for Blackberry Beta

by djsharpe on December 25, 2009

Here’s my little Christmas present to you besides the old school Edge set that I will be dropping tomorrow night December 26 at Candyland 14 in Miami at the White Room. Also my set time is 11:30 till 1am.

A link to download the Foursquare Beta for Blackberry. Just browse to it from your blackberry and download. I’ve already done so and I’m enjoying the nice user interface and so far it seems to run pretty smooth. I especially like not having to login via the mobile website anymore. So check out the link above and add me (djsharpemusic) and leave me a comment below to let me know what you think?


Smack My Bitch Up…. The Samples!

by djsharpe on December 19, 2009

This came across my Twitter stream and I found it quite impressive and it really shows just how much of a genius Liam Howlett (The brains behind the Prodigy) really is. This video shows Ukranian DJ Jim Pavloff taking us through the making of Prodigy’s hit “Smack my Bitch up” only using Ableton’s Live and some plugins. He also showcases all the samples Liam used in this production. So take a minute and check it out:

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Candyland 14 in Miami, FL

by djsharpe on December 16, 2009

Be sure to check it out December 26, 2009 in Miami at the White Room. I’ll be dusting off the classics and playing an old school Edge set not to be missed. This is South Florida’s longest running dance music event so make sure you check it out!

You can buy tickets online here:

**UPDATE** My time slot is 11:30 till 1am.


Death of the Technic 1200 & 1210’s??

by djsharpe on November 27, 2009

So, you might have seen the news around the internets that Panasonic (The manufacturer of Technic Turntables) is ending production on the 1200 & 1210’s in February 2010.

My question is WHY?

I understand and realize lots of DJ’s have went “Digital” but seriously…. a real DJ uses every piece of arsenal they have and can find to enhance their performance/music/art. I personally support all the new digital equipment/software coming out and the ability to manipulate sounds on the fly, but I do NOT see them replacing my beloved 1200’s. I see the new breed of digital DJ software as additions to what I currently use. I prefer to incorporate new technology into my current setup to make me a stronger DJ and in return give the crowd a greater experience.

Don’t get me wrong… I understand the impact that Ableton Live has made with some DJ’s & especially Live acts, but why not add all this new technology along with your tables? It seems to me if you take away the tables (or CDJs), you are not really DJ’ing anymore. Anyone can auto mix using the muiltitude of DIY DJ software now available. A real DJ learned on vinyl.

I’ve read the press release about the partnership between Ableton & Serato. So what does that mean for Serato? Serato is controlled thru timecoded records or CD’s. Does this mean we are have to all start using CD’s?? What about the DMC Championships?

I am not sure how true or false this is I just know there’s more and more talk of it and it’s coming basically from down under. Let’s hope these rumors are false. My tone arms are crossed. I hope to update when more information is released.


Cause & Effect!!

by djsharpe on October 31, 2009

My new album “CAUSE & EFFECT” has finally dropped. You can find the links to iTunes & Amazon below! Also the follow up single “New Style” is also on it’s way!

Get it here:



Feel the Bass drop down….


This is the Day!

by djsharpe on October 12, 2009

Just another rainy Monday in good ole ATL What better time to reflect on things? Things I plan to accomplish, things I already have and what more is really in store.

I may not be super-coder (yet) but feel very happy with the way that SimplySharpe is coming along. Granted there are more tweaks to come, but I’m proud of what wifeys already done and what I have contributed thus far. A mighty fine effort from the dynamic duo.

Music – Awww, it’s a hard one for me. I need to let go of my inhibitions and just rock with it. I’m hopefull by putting this in writing this will “kick start my heart” and get me back to where  I was. Where I belong. I know I have skillz.  Now is the time!!!

SUCCEED- In all I do work & play (enough said)

I have dragged my feet long enough, and watched others come up using my syles and influence (yes, I DO consider this a compliment)… BUT, I believe NOW it’s time to show the world what I am capable of. **Remember, it’s often imitated BUT will NEVER be duplicated!** (Thank you MJS)

I was of those people that started this South Florida “Funk Phenomenon”…. DO the homework 🙂

This isn’t a rant, it’s a wake up call brought to you by the Nintendo generation. Now it’s my time to shine and I have a woman next to me who could not be any more supportive and makes me feel like the luckiest man alive! A sincere Thank you to my beloved wife (SimplySharpe)

Game on!


Vestax Guber CM-02

by djsharpe on October 9, 2009

This is a pretty cool concept considering all the turntables coming out lately aren’t very unique… It has a USB, built in pre-amp, choice between line out or phono out so all you wannabe’s that own vinyl can easily import into iTunes or whatever your using.


Feel the Bass!

by djsharpe on October 2, 2009


So checking out my boys site the Hydroz I came across a nice little site that can be very addicting if you enjoy playing around with online virtual analog gear. I especially like that it includes one of my favorites the Roland TB303! So go tweak & freak and see what sounds you can make happen! You can  find it at hobnox.


So what are you currently using??

by djsharpe on September 29, 2009

I am currently looking at purchasing a different digital DJ set up. I’m considering Serato Live or Traktor because I prefer the feel of vinyl. I’m even considering using Ableton Live with a controller but like I said before I prefer the vinyl feel. I have used Final Scratch 2 back in the day but was highly disappointed with it’s performance. So I am asking my readers what they use for their DJ arsenal?

Holla at ya boy! 


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This is a remix of Dj Voodoo’s “Talking to the Moon” revamped by myself & Chadwick Orange using Pro Tools. It’s now available for download on iTunes. Enjoy !