Breakin’ the Silence

by djsharpe on August 17, 2010

Finally I’ve got around to putting up a new mix for you to download. Check it out now on my Soundcloud page.



A Soundcloud Meetup finally hits Atlanta!

by djsharpe on June 1, 2010

That’s right folks we are having our very own Soundcloud meetup right here in Atlanta, GA on July 21. This isn’t just for DJ’s, Producers & engineers. This is for all kinds of music lovers! So spread the word, there will be lots of surprises, demo’s and hands on time with equipment and of course the main discussion of the evening will be how to use Soundcloud to market and get your music out there as well as find new music!

So stay tuned for more info or follow us on twitter: @soundcloudATL

See you there!

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Enerjive presents Sharpe

by djsharpe on April 30, 2010

Old School Mix from back in the day!


RETSO vs. WMC2010

by djsharpe on March 30, 2010

So, I made a decision… Yes, Yes. I decided to not make a trip to WMC (Winter Music Conference) this year. I had a booking for a prior gig for RETSO in ATL.  This is a decision I do not regret, RETSO was a GREAT event! The organizers were on point as well as the speakers and if you know me, you know I don’t speak Real Estate, but take it from me, these people got game and knew their social media (twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc.).  I am a geek! I enjoy talking with other geeks. We talk, we collaborate, we take over! I enjoyed the event and I see this event getting bigger and better every year!!!!!!


Google Rankings & Ramblings….

by djsharpe on March 19, 2010

How many times have you googled your name?

Seriously! I admit. I do on occasion and find it quite funny on some of the things  that come up by googling myself. Also, I guess it doesn’t make it any easier having a name that matches a wrestler’s name (Iron Mike Sharpe)

But hey, I’m not complaining, When you google “Mike Sharpe” I come up 3rd and it’s my twitter account, no worries since I’m known musically by my DJ name. If you google dj sharpe, djsharpe or dj sharpe music I come up first… So I guesss I can’t complain, especially since I didn’t have to get in a ring and make a jackass of myself to be noticed.

Plus! Trust me. I’m no SEO master but I somewhat know my way around the interwebs and I have done nothing special. But the main reason I’m writing this is because when googling my name I find the craziest sites still selling my old mix CD”S that were released on Adrenalin records. We’re talking at least 6 years ago. This is before I began releasing music under my own label on iTunes and other online music stores.

The more I think about it the more I am starting to consider releasing my own original music and mix cd’s thru my own site like quite a few other artists have began doing. I never made, mixed or produced music to become a millionaire but I did do it because of the feeling it gave me watching a crowd react to a track that I produced, mixed or mashed up! I am sure I will come up with more ramblings about this subject but for now I feel satisfied….

What’s next…Only time will tell!


Pioneer steps up to the plate….

by djsharpe on March 15, 2010

Pioneer has stepped up to the plate to give you a multi sceen touch controller. The DJM-2000 is the first mixer with a multi-touch display and uses the 5.8-inch LCD to provide control over the sound that would be difficult with buttons. At a basic level, it lets musicians put up a set of custom interfaces for controlling a Mac or PC’s music software through MIDI. Gestures also work to create “sidechain” mixing, and on-screen sliders can fine-tune the frequency.

The device brings new live instrument effects such as crush or noise in addition to popular techniques like live sampling of the mic or output and new beat effects. USB provides the direct-to-computer connection, but four Ethernet ports both let digital turntables and other Pioneer DJ gear share a common pool of music from SD card or USB sources. Notebooks with Pioneer’s rekordbox app can similarly work directly with the mixer.

Pioneer is unveiling the DJM-2000 early and doesn’t plan to ship it until June, when it will cost $2,999.

Source: Electronista

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World Class Digital DJing for the iPhone?

by djsharpe on March 14, 2010

Yes, you read that right… Capsulated Software Ltd., announced the availability of Cue.Play.DJ. 1.0, the most advanced digital DJing solution ever created for the iPhone OS platform. CUE.PLAY.DJ has the needs of existing DJs in mind, offering a familiar interface and feature-set comparable to existing desktop digital DJ solutions costing hundreds of dollars, while sporting a $9.99 price point that lowers the barrier of entry to anyone seeking to become a real DJ. The real kicker here is that DJ/Producer Ferry Corsten collaborated and put his input into the project.

Personally, Ferry Corsten has always been someone that has put out records that truly touched me. I have played over the years MANY tracks by Ferry that simply blew me away….

Now back to the iPhone app: Version 1.0 of Cue.Play.DJ. also ships with CUE.PLAY.SETLIST., a desktop (Mac OS X/Windows) companion application that allows users to load their own tracks into the mobile application. CUE.PLAY.SETLIST also becomes a conduit that allows Cue.Play.DJ. to stream its master output channel to the desktop, allowing DJs to cue and play on their phones while the final mixed performance is sent through speakers attached to the desktop. CUE.PLAY.SETLIST also allows DJs to record their sets for future playback as an uninterrupted mix.

Here are some few key features that I will expand on as I dig into the app and give my opinion:

Cue.Play.DJ. Key Features:
* Industry standard interface familiar to all DJs
* Simultaneous playback of 2 tracks at CD-quality (wav/mp3/m4a supported)
* +/- 10% pitch capabilities
* 3-Band EQ w/Gain
* Crossfader
* Automatic Track Syncing
* Automatic BPM Detection
* BPM Tap Mode
* Multiple Stored Cue Points with Hot Cue capability
* Looping
* Multiple Headphone Modes (Stereo cue/mix, Mono cue/mix, Split “Party” mode – mix/master)
* Master Output Streaming to CUE.PLAY.SETLIST (Can be recorded)

Device Requirements:
* iPhone and iPod touch
* Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later
* 53.3 MB

As of now Pricing and Availability rheu iTunes is:
Cue.Play.DJ. 1.0 is $9.99 USD (or the equivalent) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.

Please take a minute and comment back, I am very curious as to where the digital DJ world?


What is Hobnox?

by djsharpe on March 7, 2010

Hobnox has really caught my attention as of late and it seems to be in the last stages of beta testing. I was lucky enough to receive a beta invite to test out and play around. From their FAQ it states the following “Hobnox is an international platform for audiovisual culture and creativity. Hobnox connects Web.TV and modern community infrastructures with new online technologies. Hobnox promotes and presents creative work of all kind, protects copyrights and provides fair marketing structures.”

They also state in their FAQ that Hobnox isn’t just another video portal, it’s much more than that: it’s a network for free audiovisual culture and zeitgeist. On, creatives are to find what they need for their production, presentation, collaboration, protection and marketing of their own work – all as Open Source. Hobnox offers a stage and the means necessary for artists to present themselves. Also, At the time of this writing Hobnox is free of charge but they do have premium accounts coming soon which will provide more storage for projects, or a higher maximum number of users for the Hobnox Livetool.

I personally have had access to this for a few weeks and have slowly been digging into it when time permits and find it to be a very interesting concept. I for one will be keeping my eye on them and expect to see some big things from them in the near future.

I suggest taking a minute and applying for a beta acount and checking it out for yourself. You can apply here: Hobnox sign up.


Making The Prodigy’s Classic Voodoo People

by djsharpe on March 6, 2010

Up to late on a Friday night I come across another how to video by the one and only Jim Pavloff. If you recall I wrote previously about the making of Smack my Bitch up Jim made using only Ableton Live. Here Jim does the same thing only shows us the inner workings and samples used for the classic Voodoo People by the Prodigy. If you recall this song was also featured in the movie Hackers which happens to be a favorite movie of mine.

I remember first hearing this song and knowing it was destined to be a classic. Not just because it was Liam Howlett and the Prodigy crew but because it was just a different sound that nobody at the time was doing. After watching this video it reminded me  of just how groundbreaking this track was. Enjoy!


Adventures in DJ Land

by djsharpe on February 22, 2010

So, Today I went out on an excursion (if you may) looking to get caught up on the latest and greatest gear out there that I would like to use. If you pay attention to my Twitter feed or my blog you know I am in the process of making some changes to my DJ arsenal.  Ahhhh, Decisions, Decisions!

First, Let me say the employees at the establishment I went to were all very nice. However, None of them seem to know exactly the ins-outs or specs of the equipment I was interested in. I spent about a year or so working for Digidesign so I have visited this store before. All I was looking to do was gain some more knowledge then I read online from the employees and actually touch and play with some of the new stuff out there before making my decision.

I must say after spending some time in the store by myself, I came up with many innovative ways to accomplish what I want to do. What I’m looking to do is something different and will be announced on my blog or some other forum that I decide to put it out there on.

For now, I’m going to keep my finds, thoughts and opinions till my next blog post.