Setting up a Virtual company using FOSS

by thedj on November 28, 2012

I’ve been pretty busy as of late researching various online businesses with plans to start my own in the very near future here in Atlanta. I have a few different ideas, but still looking for the right suppliers that offer drop shipping as an option. I plan on documenting the steps I take to get up and running as an online  e-commerce type business which I will set up & design myself. The websites hosting will be done on my current Hostgator account that enables me to host multiple sites, and the site will be run on WordPress using the Thesis Framework. While researching, I’ve been thinking about the various software or F/OSS (Free and open-source software) I have used or considered in the past in previous jobs, or businesses I ran, and I decided I would list them here as a sort of reference to help others as well:

1) Zimbra (MS-Exchange replacement); proprietary email shouldn’t go through Google mail servers.

2a) OpenVPN – whatever location you are at is bugged. You should assume this.

2b) TrueCrypt – every laptop has this, and all our data is stored in TC volumes, including PST files for those who still insist on using Outlook.

3) vTiger – FOSS CRM application

4) Alfresco – FOSS document management done really well

5) MediaWiki – for quick communications and idea capture. I could capture notes, and other internal process docs in this tool. Also, it’s easy to change the content when something needs to be updated.

6) dotProject – project management/tracking and issue tracking. If it’s late, that customer won’t be back.

7) Tons of FOSS infrastructure – Ubuntu, Xen, openldap, postfix, clamav, openoffice, pidgin, apache, rdiff-backup, samba, cups … the list goes on and on.

8) Skype – For voip and messaging.

9) Microsoft tools – because you can’t get completely away from some of them.

10) Assorted other apps: primopdf, Quicken H&B, Quickbooks, Indesign, etc.

 So stay tuned, this is just the first part of what should be a fun ride for all, and hopefully help others find answers to some of things they may be looking for. I am also available for hire on small website projects just use the contact form.

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