Unofficial Cyanogenmod 9 for HTC Inspire

by thedj on December 20, 2012

I get a lot of traffic from people looking to customize their HTC ¬†Inspire. Here’s something pretty cool I came across and seems to run pretty good. I’ve always been a fan of the Cyanogenmod guys because all their releases seem to run very smooth on the HTC Inspire.

Give it try and let me know how you like it!

Here’s what works:

-Video Playback
-Mount to PC
-Multi Touch (Temple Run)
-USB Tethering
-Video Recording

What You Get:
-All the latest Cm9 features
-Aroma customization
-Smooth and fast rom
-Included GApps
-More themes for theme chooser (coming soon)

How To Install The Rom:

-Boot into recovery
-Perform a full wipe
-Flash the rom
-Enjoy the rom
-Tell others about the rom

Version 1.0 – Initial Release
-Bringing Cyanogenmod 9 to you Inspire guys!
-Initital release

Version 2.0 (Inspire Version) (No aroma)
-Added 8 more themes to theme chooser (try mixer)
-Fixed torch strobe in high brightness
-Fixed tinny audio for inspire users (hopefully)
-Tweaked build.prop
-Updated apps
-Removed trebuchet due to lag
-Removed Go SMS
-Added/removed/tweaked items in aroma
-Hang in there, first boot may take a while

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