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by djsharpe on July 8, 2011

I’ve been using G+ for a little while now and still trying to develop my own opinion on it so I figured I’d do some research and see what others are saying. One of the biggest down falls for me so far have been the lock down and most of the non techie people I know aren’t in the know on Google+ yet. I guess time will tell if if it catches on.

What They’re Saying

“I’d love to see Spark stories based on social activity around those stories, eg. “iPhone 5 picture leaked, +384, +3 Friends”. It might also be interesting to create circles of Sparks, eg. “Mobile” would contain the keywords “iphone, android, palm”, hmm, that might be a bit cumbersome, but there is something to it.”

Kevin Rose, founder of Digg

“I find the UI to be weak, would be better in a column format. The fact you have to click each box to add someone to a circle and the sheer inability to really sort (yes, yes, I know, we have circles).”

— Serena Ehrlich, West Coast Executive Director of Attention

“I like Google+ quite a bit so far. I was never in love with Facebook, although it beat the heck out of Myspace in terms of usability.”

— Benj Edwards, tech blogger

“After a week, I have almost half as many Google+ friends as the Facebook ones I’ve collected over five years — but only 1/32th as many Google+ pals as Twitter followers. I can’t tell if that’s good, bad, or neutral.”

— Harry McCracken, founder of Technologizer

“So, what is the etiquette on posting the same stuff on Facebook and +? Does anyone know the protocol yet?”

— Tarik Najeddine, New York City

My real-world friends have stopped using Google Plus. The question is whether they’ll start again once more people are allowed to join.”

— Jared Newman, tech blogger

“I like Google+ because I can share my interests via Circles vs Facebook where my ‘friends’ have no interest in what I have to say. Twitter has too much ‘noise’.”

— Leighton Nelson, St. Louis, Mo.

“The UI is clean and simple which makes it nice to look at for extended periods of time. The integration needs some work but it’s exciting to think of the possibilities ahead.”

— Kevin Medeiros, Cambridge, Mass.

“G+ Hangout, Picasa/Gmail/GChat integration, and Circles could compel me to close up FaceBook shop. Now all I need are my 300 FaceBook friends.”

— Patrick Moorhead, Corporate VP at AMD

“I’m starting to wonder if Google+ will be the Betamax of Social Networking. Better than Facebook…but never getting the traction. But I guess it’s still too early to tell.”

— Laura La Gassa

via: PC World


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